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Now it looks like my zoa's were doing more than just taking a :pooh: the other day as half of the frag appears to be dead or very close to it. From the looks of things it seems as if in an attempt to rescue and re-glue them onto a frag plug base that maybe part of the frag which was not the base or foot and shouldn't have been glue'd was glue'd down. Which means some of the heads are glue'd down and unable to open up and thus their guts were spewed out of the other heads and they withered away. Again this is purely an assumption from how they look. Here is a pic of them:


Based on my observation I'm strongly considering cutting the glue between the heads and base of the part that shouldn't be glued down in a last attempt to save them without cutting off any polyps.

Please let me know any input on this situation and your opinions.

Also I don't know if this makes a difference but the polyps still do open up in the daytime when the lights are on.

Errrrrr,what did you say again?LOL,nevermind.It look like healthy zoas with new buds.Honestly,I would leave 'em be,I don't know else you could really do.
It's hard to explain but if you saw what they were doing and how they looked 5 days ago it's obvious that they are not OK, unfortunately. So I did as I planned and was able to pry the heads that were glued down to the base off of it without damaging them or cutting the flesh at all which I am happy about. Also, in doing so I spotted this guy:

Figured he might be bothering the coral so I gave the frag a quick Lugal's solution bath which eradicated quite a few amphipods.

Coral is back in tank so now I'll just have to wait a few days and see if this helped.
If the polyps are still open when the lights are on, then they are healthy. Polyps close up at night. That's what they do. Your zoas look healthy to me. I don't see the problem either.
Is that as open as they get? If so I would say something is going on. They look normal for a night time shot, but not for during the day.
I have a ton of zoas, your's look fine. Leave them be and they will open and close like normal.
Thanks for the info everyone. I will leave them be now. Just found it wierd how they were deflating and half of the frag's stems turned a dark brown and shriveled up while the other halh remained white with much bigger polyps. Plus they were either pooping or spitting out their guts on a daily basis. Now the lights are on and they are opened.