Zoa/Polyp ID help


Reefing newb
New to the choral game and need some help with some IDs.
First is part of a large formation i fragged into smaller groups, just listed as"polyps" at the LFS. I couldn't pass up 40+ heads for $35, have another dozen or so more popping up after 2 weeks in my tank. The single zoa in the bottom left I believe is a strawberry wine, have 2 or 3 in the frags.

Second is a small frag that came off a 8"x 12" rock covered in these. Got the rock in a trade from the brother in law due to one of his fish picking at them...:mrgreen:


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First looks like cinnamon palys, very fast spreading IME. Next is some zoas, but I don't know the name. The names are just for colour morphs, though. All of them are in the family Zoanthidae, genus Zoanthus sp.
And you need to be aware there are MANY more morphs than there are names, so they are probably just "polyps."

The first are palys and the second appear to be some sort of zoanthids.