Need help on ID

Neno reefs

Reefing newb
First pic: These things are popping up every where on the LR, to me it looks like a type of feather duster but it doesn't move or have feathers. (Its the tube thing in the middle of the pic)

Second pic: No idea what it is.

Third pic: Spagetti worm?


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first pic, worm tubes either dusters or the cause of the third pic which looks like the "webs" or fishing lines as I call them for another type of worm. Both are harmless...middle pic...not sure but looks like a sponge.
I wish someone knew for sure what that middle pic is... If it is a sponge what lighting should i be giveing it? And how much flow?
I would like to clarify Ted's info about the tubes.
Although they are harmless to tank inhabitants, they are calcerous tubes and are quite sharp.
Avoid touching them or at least wear appropriate hand protection if you intend to handle the rocks that have them.
Totally agree, gloves on when hands you are handling the rock...Not only do you need to worry about getting cut but bristle worms stings suck..