Need a new light and need help!


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I got a 75 gallon full setup a few months ago but the light fixture that came with it doesn't completely work. Only one light will come on which has been fine so far. However, I want to start creating a reef and know that I need actinic light for that. I took the fixture to my LFS and they said that only one of my night LEDs was working too. My tank is 48 inches and any reccomendations would be greatly appreciated.
I ordered the Nova Pros but they were back ordered. So I shelled out alittle extra and got the Tek elites They are really sweet! Check out reef Geek They are really helpful and great prices!
I am definitely on a budget, but do want something decent. I have bookmarked everything and will be saving my pennies. I have to replace my cleaner crew (thanks Mr. Picasso Triggerfish) and get everything in shape so I have a little time. After all, what fun is hurrying? Thanks for all of the help!