Nassarius snails

try on ebay ive seen them for $15 for 100 snails and if i remember right the s/h was cheap to
ya you do want to make sure you dont get any welks, although I have ordered 1000 of the nassaious obsoletas in several different orders off ebay and never have found any welks in them, Im not even sure that they come from the same waters. I have found several welks in my main tank over the years but they have come on liverock which is were most welks get into peoples tanks. I accually had whelks in my main tank for a couple years and just thought they were regular nassarious. but after loosing several hundred dollars worth of clams I found out that they were bad news. I have heard that even the obsoletas can be bad but havent ever had anyone with first hand knowledge. best thing is stick with cerith or vibex. youll pay alot more but they are better snails anyway. good luck
Thanks for the info bkv1997 and ironman. I am thinking of ordering some,,but will most likely order them from the drs. site . the price works out the same and I trust them more than I do ebay. Think I already have one welk,I'll have to look closer tonight after the lights go off.
Yeah, those whelks are supposed to be bad. Although, theres billions here where I live. Ive collected tons of them for friends with fish only tanks... I wish we could use them.