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Looking for some more info on nano tanks. Who makes good coral friendly ones? On a tank that small it seems like CF lighting is pretty common. Is that enough? I'm looking at Dr F&S right now, but I'm looking for input from you fine folks.

I figure a nano will give me something to hold me over until I get the bigger tank setup. Got the wife on board. She is even a bit excited to get one!

Any random advice from those of you that have dabbled?

Thanks for reading!
Just how small a nano are you looking for?

My best advice on a nano,is stay away from the Oceanic Bio-cubes.The Red Sea Max nanos are some what better.
Looking at somewhere in the 12g range. 6g seems too small for even a single fish w/ CUC, and the 24g ones are too expensive.

I'd like to get a Clownfish / Anenome and then some easier starter frags. A shrimp would be cool (wife wants one pretty bad,) but I have a hunch there won't be enough for it to eat.

So does the PC lighting work for most corals (LPS and SPS) on that size tank? I don't expect massive growth, but I'd like to grow them out a little at least.
Compacts seem to do alright for nanos.
I wouldnt try an anemone in a nano either.The parameters swing way to much IMHO.
I think the smallest Red Sea makes it a 14gal.
Nano lighting isn't usually sufficient to support an anemone. Red Sea Max systems seem to be the ones that most people on here are happy with. I have a 12 gallon BioCube myself, but it's kind of a piece of crap.
I just picked up a 24 gal nano-cube. I like it so far, although it needed lights and fans right away ($70) I think its a great first step into reefing, well see how it goes.
Lets see the pics! I never owned one, but I always thought the all in one cube were pretty nice looking.
The 12 gallon aquapod or the 14 gallon bio cube are my favorites... they all seem to have issues with loud fans at some point.... I agree I would stay away from an anemone in a small nano like that... there just isn't enough water volume to keep things stable all the time.. nano's are great for softies and lps.... but no sps unless you get one of the HQI versions. sells kits to convert and upgrade lighting for those wishing to keep more light demanding corals.
Yea, fans are loud. Bulbs dont get very hot though. The output from the pump nozzle can create a good deal of turbulence on the surface, I have a Hagen powerhead 301 about halfway down shooting into the front of the tank. Ill try for pics, but I think theyre too large.


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