My new Tank


Reefing newb
Hi all

Just thought i would share some info on my new tank and ask if there is anything i have forgotton:)

I have a juewl vision 180L tank (no idea what that is in us gallons), a maxiskim protine skimmer, 1 x build in power head 1 x aditional powerhead. It has a built in filter unit with carbon filter, nitrate filter and sponge filters. the lighting is foloresent tubes 1 x 25w marine day tube and 1 x 25w marine night tube.

i have 3 pecies of live rock and have made lots of hiding places with ocean rock.

after cycling for 1 month i added my excisting live stock (2 x common clown fish 1 x cleaner shrimp 1 x fan worm and 1 x regal damsel) from my old tank and following another month of cycling i have added a cleaner wrasse and 2 x green chromis.

All water chemstry level are well with in normal limits.

have i forgotten anything???
180L is approx 50 gallons, Looks like you have a nice new setup with plenty of room for your fish to swim in, keep your old tank for a quarantine tank.

I have a Rio 180, so the same but without the bow front. Would recommend one or two further power heads, it's a good size tan so needs plenty of movment. Also I have used 2 externa filters (overkill perhaps) and use the juwel filter bit as a powerhead only but have lots of seaweed where the filter medium used to live - gives a good natural filter!

I also changed my lights to an Arcadia Luminare (4 x T5), give much greater light, tank temprature is easier to control and gives greater choice of corals etc.

Cheers, Bryce.
From what I've read so far sounding like a good little setup.

I have just invested in a Arcadia Overtank Luminaire 4 x T5 lighting unit and while the frame adapters need a bit of work to fit my tank rim the results are cool ... I love the moonlighting effect - I will post some pictures later on when I am home from work in the Equipment section.