My 46g Bow Front Tank by Sakura2282

I agree with Erin, if you had a fish only tank I'd say go for the 40% but with inverts you should do 20% on Saturday 20% on Sunday. I've seen people do 50% at one time with no problems, but it's risky.
This is the last addition to my tank a candy cane coral. It only had two heads when I bought it, the guy at LFS told me that it lost the third one (who knows how), but that the other two looked fine, so I bought it. There was no tissue remaining in the empty head so I don't believe nothing will grow on it again. But it's doing really well in my tank I had fed them with the phytoplankton I give to my other corals and it likes it.

It is hair algae your seeing this growing likely to the raised nitrates. Your algae bloom seems to be small a emerald crab will help your cuc.
Do you test for phosphates? Algae need both nitrates and phosphates to grow, it's easer to remove the phosphates than the nitrates. You can run phosban or chemipure to help but your water change will do the most. What are you feeding your fish? Most dry foods have phosphate in them so over feeding could be a source for them as well.
Your trumpet / candy cane coral is one of my favorite corals. The head on the right that is a oval shape looks like it is getting ready to split. Watch for a second mouth.
Your tank is looking good :thumbsup:
Hair algae is bad if you let it start spreading. You will see it come and go and it's a good indicator of water quality.
I wasn't sure if it was hair algae or not. Now I know what I have to do. And I do have a phosphate test. I'm feeding my fish most frozen food, but sometimes I give them pellets too. Maybe the pellets are the ones that are feeding my phosphates. Thanks for your help as always @Aquarian. :)
My Brittle Star.

This is one of my tank inhabitants that it's really hard to see outside its hiding place, but this time he gave me a big "Hello!".

He likes to be fed at least one time every day, and this day I guess it was really hungry. I'm still thinking in a name for it, the same goes for the clowns they doesn't have names yet either.

Following @Aquarian advice this is the new member of my CUC an Emerald Crab it has been eating since I put it in the tank, so far it has taken care of some of the hair algae I got on my rocks, but I really didn't have than much algae so I'm trying to watch it to see if it's finding enough food on the rocks and if not, I have some spirulina formula in my freezer that I hope it likes it.

Haha wait till he catches a ride on the back of the snail and enjoys a all you can eat tour of your tank:LOL::thumbsup: