My 28g nano cube cf quad

My nano cube is starting to fill up current stock list
fish: blue chromis and a pair of pacula clowns
Coral: Green hammer,red mushrooms,branching flower pot , zoanthids and duncans

future additions; GSP , long tentacle plate, frogspawn , cleaner shrimp and a purple fire fish




You have reached your stocking limit for fish in your tank. The recommendation is 1 fish for each 10 gallons of tank size. Also, what color is your flower pot, it looks white in the picture? Flower Pot corals can be very difficult to keep in our tanks....good luck with it. BTW, your tank looks really nice.
Thanks! And the flower pot is white and seem to be thriving in my tank its open alot more now then it was in the pet store
Be sure you are feeding the flowerpot every other day or so. Since it is white, that indicates that it has lost its photosynthetic algae (zooxanthellae) and it cannot feed itself from the light -- the coral is bleached. White is not a normal healthy color for it.

You will need to hand feed it. The best type of food for it is Cyclopeeze (which you can buy in a frozen bar). Flowerpots need to be protected while they are being fed, since they are such slow eaters. Probably the best way to do this is to cut the bottom off of a 2-liter soda bottle, place the bottle over the coral, then squirt the cyclopeeze on the coral. The bottle will protect the food from other tank inhabitants and give the coral time to eat it.

If the coral is going to survive, it will regain its color over time. You will have to continue feeding it by hand, though.
Heres a video of my tank =)

[ame=]JBJ Nano Cube 28G CF Reef Tank - YouTube[/ame]
How do you like this tank? I'm trying to get my grandfather to get one and was wondering how the stock lighting and flow is.
Its good system only problems i've had with it was my own doing this being my 1st saltwater tank rookie mistakes but I've found that you need to add a extra power head for good flow and use chemipure elite instead of carbon for the filtering the lighting i havent had a problem with but i would put sps or any hard corals in my tank. but if you wanna do hard corals then get the hqi or led nano cube
blue mushroom landed in a good spot couldnt of picked it better my self lol and the bottom of the tank is starting to fill in =)