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the yellow tang is going back to the fish store. no more hair algae she did her job and now she will go back so please no "omg that poor tang ! you know they need atleast 90gallons" comments. i know! current corals mixed zoas red mushrooms and the star of the tank the Australasian green hammer coral. and my newest addition is the GBTA


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OMG! TANG POLICE! He's got a tang in a 28g! Joking :mrgreen: Looks great!
Great tank!:D But I am very concerned about the nem. It looks like it is already bleached.:shock:
tank is about 4 months old . i hope the nem isnt dying i just got it last week lol it seems to be healthy its found it spot and hasnt moved and it eats myiss shrimp.
Yea typically green nems are more tannish green than that. I would return it just in case and a while later again when you tank is about a yr old.