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Since I'm only planning on mushrooms and possibly often can you introduce different mushrooms...are they like fish far as throwing off tank parameters?
No corals don't have the bioload that fish bring with them. Corals do use more of your trace elements in your water so stay on top of your water changes. You shouldn't have any problems adding multiples of shrooms at any time.
This is almost the contradictory to what I said up there BUT remember you do have a young tank so try a couple and see how everything reacts and then go from there. As your tank matures the less you have to worry.
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So the other day I bought a mushroom leather coral....took about an hour before I put it in the had that whole gunk sheet it releases all over it when I finally got it settled in....I hope I didn't stress it out too much....research says it normal sometimes takes a few days before it goes to normal....clearly I'm impatient... I hope its well because I got it from a different fs....
Been 3 days now and the mushroom leather still hasn't opened or began to show its cilia like hair....someone gimme some insight....can this still be normal or has something gone wrong?
Sorry I missed the thread in time but for future reference throwing it out was probably a bad idea. My first leather behaved similarly, was shedding that mucous and not extending, and the acclimation process took about 1 week before it was fully opened up all the time. Leather corals are very hardy, I don't think that waiting 1 hour could have done irreversable damage to it. Mine survived a 6 day power outtage during hurricane Sandy which included 3 days of tank temps <60 degrees and no water flow, just to give you an idea. My advice would be to wait a while longer next time, again sorry this came too late!
No prob....thx for the help....I waited 4 days and figured it was probably gonna cause my tank harm....wasn't started to look all icy....thx anyways guys...I figured all the experts would chime in...
I drove to some small store in queens actually on fresh pond rd....gave it a shot but don't think I'm ever going to go back....I'll stick to my common stores....flatbush Ave and Ave n, or 65st and 8th ave
Leathers are one of the most resilient soft corals. But they also take the longest time to acclimate to a new tank.
The leathers I added to my tank took several weeks to acclimate but after that they turned pretty much bullet proof.

The leather in your picture looked healthy - just pissed.
Thin sheets peeling off is a normal reaction to environmental change.
If you see big chunks coming off the body and the trunk is disintegrating, then that means the coral is dying.
I guess I got really lucky. I dropped a cabbage leather into my 40 breeder and once I ramped up the water flow a little bit, he was poking out all over. It's kind of homely, but at least it's healthy! :bounce:
I know this is an older thread, but i thought i'd give you my 2 cents. The photo i saw looked like a toadstool if i'm correct. Not to big into leather's, or colt corals, not because their ugly or plain, but mainly on their issue of toxin release. They can be very aggressive in that aspect. I have leathers and colts in my corals for sale tanks, but not a single one in my display just for that reason. People might disagree with me, but hell leather, colt, and suprisingly even g.s.p. are some of the worst allepathy producing corals you can get. so my suggestion would be run a very high quality carbon if your gonna have these types of corals. Just my 2 cents. Hope this helps you down the road.
DVH..I actually had purchased another acclimated in a few days...opens up nicely...unfortunately still clowns won't host but probably cause they think its ugly I see no signs of if dieing on me and releasing toxins although I'm aware of that...but I got it because there tough and relatively easy to care for...thx for the input
It's not that they release toxins when they die... the release toxins as chemical warfare towards other corals. If you stick with just leathers, though, you should be okay.