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rwynn and I attempted to go to our new LFS today, but then realized they were closed on Mondays :( We hit a couple of other stores and today I brought home the first part of my CUC for the tank. My new creatures (a blue-legged hermit, a nass and a turbo) hit it off as tankmates; the above picture shows the new friends sharing a group hug while acclimating.

And, yes, that is aiptasia on my nassarius' butt. I kept him quarantined until I got a hold of some Aiptasia X to nuke that sucker before moving him to the tank. He is now sitting fat and sassy under my sand.

I'll take better pictures with my digital camera when I bring it into work. These pics from my phone are becoming even more of a hassle to deal with than before (go Windows Mobile 6.5).
A short update...

Here's a video of my nass, Loki, climbing around the tank.

[ame=""]YouTube - Loki Takes A Walk (3 Gallon Nano Reef)[/ame]

He DOES burrow in the sand, but he seems to love climbing on just about everything else instead. Today he's climbed onto my rock and fallen off (for lack of footing) three times. Video of one of those excursions to come soon.

Apart from that, the rock has some black/green algae growing on it that the Turbo has found and is having a field day with. Pics and video of that coming later as well.
December update!

Not a lot has happened to the tank really, but I've added some more critters. I had a teeny tiny (read: major) bubble algae problem so I now have a red-legged hermit crab as well as an emerald crab as part of the clean up crew. The emerald crab made short work of the algae so I'm pleased with the result (and not having to show everyone my swamp of a tank). I discovered a bristleworm that came in with my live rock. Hitchiker life! I've also added a metallic red/orange mushroom to the tank, which promptly got swept from it's crevice in the front of the tank to the back. Unsure of where I'll end up putting it but we shall see. I plan on stocking the tank with coral starting late next week.


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Sorry for the terrible quality video, but I wanted to get video of my hermits and emerald crab in action and show you guys the ricordea and zoa frags I picked up at the LFS yesterday.

[ame=]YouTube - Coral and Crabs (3 Gallon Nano Reef)[/ame]
It's been a crazy week! Frag orders from Live Aquaria came in last week and came in today. Acans and zoas, a favia, a chalice, a duncan... my tank is pretty well stocked finally. I also got a great shot (finally) of the mushroom in the rear corner of the tank. Now to figure out the placement for it all...


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They don't right now because they are crowding the front of the tank. I have some space in the back I'm going to place a few since the tank is partially viewable to people going by the desk around the back. Lots of unused space in the tank right now, but that's all I'm going to put in the tank coralwise.
We did not, however neither rwynn nor I had any flatworm issues.

Also, about that tank...

I continued to take care of the tank for a while but had an algae issue quickly get out of hand. I struggled with it for a while and had it balanced out, only for it to return again. I hadn't kept up with the competition, so I had placed a yellow goby (Chuck Norris, Jr.) in the tank who eventually got spooked and jumped the top one night while I was away from the office. ( :cry: ). rwynn eventually upgraded his 3 gallon to a 10 gallon (now part of his larger home setup) and I just recently followed suit. Hopefully the increased water volume will be easier for me to keep control of the levels. Jumping into a sw tank that small was probably a bad idea.