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This is what I get for leaving it in the box

Don't mind me, just posting an update...


Yeah, that's a nice big crack in the upper corner. Should have taken it out to check for leaks. Doctors Foster and Smith are sending me a replacement immediately, though. They rock.
I'll just leave this here.


Please tell me it's okay that I took the picture with the sand already in the tank. Look, I even took a close-up! Date! No water!



My tank with the rock I picked up this morning. I had a very narrow window to go find rock today so I'm glad I found something attractive that fit.


Close up of the rock on the right.


Tank with water.


And cleared up plus light.
That looks great! I'm glad you are getting started.

I am too! And I'm glad that the date was extended to add livestock to the tank, too. I was worried at first when I found the crack in mine.

That looks damn good moos!
Mines not wet yet.

Is yours wet yet?

Wow, pretty rock!


Thanks! I love it and rwynn seems to have taken a liking to it, too.

So I was able to test my water today. It's been 5 days since I've had it set up and the results follow. After I tested I performed a 25% water change which I intend to repeat on Monday and then leave Mondays as my regular water change day (unless I get an ammonia spike and have to change more frequently, of course). So, just a boring, chemistry update.

pH: 8.2-8.3
NH3: 0.25 ppm
NO2: 0 ppm
NO3: 40 ppm
Salinity: 1.024
I has algae!



I came into work today and found quite a bit of algae growing on the rock and sand! Needless to say that the tank now has an orange hue about it when the light is off. A quick check of the stats yielded the following:

pH: 8.4
NH3: 0 ppm
NO2: 0 ppm
NO3: 0 ppm
SG: 1.023
Sal: 31 ppt

Will be going to the LFS next week to pick up a turbo and (maybe) a hermit crab as part of my CUC. Hooray! Critters!