Melanurus Wrasse Acting Strange


Reefing newb
Hello all! New here, and this is my very first post. So I've had my tank for about 2 years now. So this morning I wake up and I notice me Melanurus Wrasse is smacking up sand and hitting his face up against the glass very hard it seems. He's also breathing very heavily. Everyone else in the tank is doing just fine but him. Has anyone seen or heard of this before? I'm afraid he's going to hit his head so hard and commit suicide:frustrat:


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Welcome to the site! I think a little more info would help us help you: For starters, how long have you had it? What are your water parameters? What other tank mates do you have? and have you made any recent changes in the tank?
Heres the form, without it we will just be taking shots in the dark.

Describe the problem:

Provide the follwoing tank parameters

Decscribe your system (size / filtration etc):

Other inhabitants in the tank:

Are any of the other inhabitants effected?

Have you treated your tank with something to remedy this issue?

Has anything changed recently? (New coral /fish / invert / piece of equipment)

What is your water change schedule, and how much are you changing?
Okay so, I've had it for at least 8 months now. It's an 80 gallon, temp: 80-81, pH:8.3, salinity: 1.025-1.026, ammonia, nitrate, phosphate all 0.
Other tank mates: Yellow tang, fire flame angel, coral beauty angel, purple pseudo, yellow tail damsel, volitan lionfish, hippo tang, gold band maroon clown, maroon clown, and pistol shrimp. I just added the damsel, pistol shrimp(haven't seen it since I added it), and pseudo 2 weeks ago. All the other fish seem to be doing well, eating well and everything.
Your going to need a bigger tank for that hippo, they need alot of swim room.

Im wondering if he got stung maybe? He doesnt pick at the lion does he?
Yeah we got rid of the second one because he got way too big for the tank, the new one is very tiny right now.

I've never seen him pick at the lion, only one that tries to slap the lion is the female yellow band maroon. Is there anyway I could possibly tell is the wrasse got stung?
I know in humans the lion will leave a blue mark, not too sure about fishes though. The only other thing i read was that they stay on the bottom breathing heavily. Not sure if thats what got him though.
Hello and welcome to the site...glad to have you aboard. Did your lights just come on, sounds like he was suddenly startled and was in panic mode.