Mega Powerful Nitrate and Phosphate Remover - DIY!

I would like to have it closed in an acrylic box to slow evaporation and salt creep and electrical hazards. I'm just not sure how to build it, and I'm not really a DIY person. It sounded doable at first but I have a feeling I will be really frustrated. I think I read somewhere in this post, you are making and selling these? Or you can refer me to someone who is? Thanks!
Need translator for Availability Schedule...
Availability Schedule

I have Chinese finished, but I need other languages too. So if you or someone you know can translate that page into another language and email it to me on a Word 2000 document, let me know how much $ it would cost.

There are a lot of threads and little reading time. I love this idea and algae is a pain in my tank, not terrible, but any aglae destroys the beauty.

My idea, and please correct me. My sump is 3 sections; 1 - water inlet, heaters and filter media, 2 - skimmer, 3 - uv and return pump. I want to install screen into section 1 above, or to replace the filter media. Can I lie the screen horizontally?
Else from my point of view, if using the bucket method, wont you need a return pump to and from the bucket? The lights on 18 hours a day at 24watts x 2 is 0.9KW of power a day, not too bad, but adding return pumps doubles the cost of this operation, and not to mention in my set up it will look messy as I have no more space in the cabinet with the sump for a bucket.
Well SM I hope you have someone else who knows the ends and outs of the newer version because you are going to be hammered with questions.
Here is my new and improved (thanks little_fish) ATS in a rubbermaid container. I used a 340 GPH pump from the return section of my sump, and it gravity drains from a 1" bulk head to 1" spa flex tubing back into the refugium.
I Could But I am attempting this scrubber for the 2nd time. From users on the forum with some experience, and from myn as well, algae will grow. After 2 days there is new forming growth on the screen. I know I have originally researched to have the cfl's about 4" from the screen, but I would say the are in the 6" range with wide direct reflectors. What do you suggest?