Marineland Reef Capable LED


Reefing newb
What do you guys all think about these? The guy at my LFS just put one of these fixtures over the stores 75 gallon tank, and he says he loves it so far. Anyone have any more info?
I saw all of those already, just didnt receive that much information from them. Was hoping there was someone else who just hasnt posted on any threads of this exact topic lol
I have one. I've had it for about two months or so. I have soft corals in my tank as well as a hammer and frogspawn and a maxi mini anemone. All seem to be doing great. No color fading from not enough lighting. I saw a bunch of stuff online saying they aren't strong enough but I think the light is still too new to have a decent review. So far so good with me but I have pretty easy corals right now. I'm hoping to try a coral that's a little more light demanding and see how that goes and ill prlly post a thread on it. Just waiting for the right coral to catch my eye.