Lunar ligths

Cool Ad,Its always a great high to find a new critter.
I got some kind of little crab in my 30 thats a filter feeder.Hes red and white with 2 little arms right above his pinchers that look like feather dusters that he holds up,then cleans off.
My lighting system came with 9 blue LED's and 9 white LED's, i know it sounds like overkill but thats what it came with. The tank really looks neat with only the nightlights on. i'll see if i can get a good pic to post of em, dont have the LR in the tank yet though.
Little hard to see but the actual lighting isn't as blue as it seems in the pic

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My fixture has 4 ,I wouldnt call them white, LEDs.They kinda put off a blueish white thats very close to natural light from a full moon on a clear night.