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i was looking at about different kinds of ligthing for aquariums and i found out about lunar says:"Nocturnal light influences fish, coral, and reef activity just as much as sunlight. Adding a powerful, blue LED light to your aquarium allows you to observe nocturnal behavior of reef or freshwater creatures without disturbing them"."Moonlight triggers various internal and external biological activities among the many thousands of reef organisms. Many corals continue to grow under moonlight conditions and some begin the reproductive process". i found the article very interesting and was thinking about buying one...does anyone has experience with it?? any opinion and advice will be apreciated..thanks..
Fish : Lunar Lights
I have them on my tank and love 'em. They allow us to enjoy our tank after the lights go out and they do have a good benefit to the tank. Depending where your tank situated - at night it could be completely dark. In the wild there are very few times of complete darkness - this helps simulate that. I don't run mine all night as my tank is near natural light as well.. but the corals do seem to like it. My Xenia will pulse quite a bit at night.. sometimes more than I see them during the day.

plus - it's fun to see which corals glow at night.... :)
Yep and there cheap through live aquaria you can get the one with the adapter and links I paid 20 dollars for mine and it works and looks great. Just remember "suggested spacing" is1 for every two feet of tank.
i had one on my 75 gallon setup and sold it with tank when i setup my 125 gallon. Real light fixture and can be attached to existing lights looks really cool at night. it was the 48" moonlight strip
Yeah,Moon lights look awesome,and you can watch the night critters.But I doubt that they actually influnce the reproductive behaviour,as the moon is only one part of the equation.
But heck yeah,you need moon lights.
Try this one:
Honey,I went to the LFS to find you something special,and well,,Thay told me that these was a great gift just for you.

If it works let me know.So I can try it on my wife.
Yeah,I think its good idea to have them too.I saw on another site where people use LED nightlight from Walmart.At a couple bucks a piece how could you go wrong.
Yeah,you can build a set of moon light real cheap. Those little accent lamps that folks get to put over high dollar pictures make great moon lights.
i bough at wall mart a migthy brigth LED for book reading.. with ac and all...white ligth...i guess ill do the was cheap too...
Blue is the color that is used.

Fun story.. while looking at the tank last night with the moonlights on.. I spotted a new critter in the tank. Seems a small crab of some sort coming out of a small cave that is hidden by one of the mushrooms during the day. I am not sure what kind of crab it is as I couldn't get a good look at him. I'd guess he could fit on a dime. Blended in perfectly with the live rock. I know it isn't a 'shell'less' hermit crab - he had a much different body shape.
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