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I Was Talking To A Freind And He Had Told Me About Some Lights Called "lunar Lights". According To Him He Says He Puts Them After His Regular Lights Go Off. I Was Looking In A Magazine At Them And It Seems That They Promote Growth, And They Have Them In Diffrent Colors Like Blue,red,white Etc.. Can Anyone Tell Me Are They Effective And If They Are What Color To Use And At What Time Thanks Oscar
Well im not sure about all the specifics, jhnrb will probably reply with those but I will tell you that I run mine 24/7. They are blue LED lights. Fish need to be able to see so they can get around just like anyone else, ocasionally on a cloud covered night they may have no light but usually they have moon light. Just my :twocents: .
Running the moonlights 24/7 is a neat idea since leds last so long. That way I will only need one timer for my daytime lighting and I can just leave the moon lights on all the time. That will save me some space which I don't have alot of.
Check out moon lights at they have a system of one or two strings of lights that have 5 bulbs in each light case and each string can handle up to 3 light cases. it comes with an optional timmer that you can put on outomatic for 24/7 and it will adjust for a 29 day moon cycle adjusting the intensity to simulate the moon, or you can select full, 3/4, half, 1/4 etc for contiuous intensity. that is the system i will use. cost about 60 dollars.
to start you want the blue light. dont mess around with the others until you have a chance to evaluate your system. LOOK AT THREAD REEF PHOTOGRAPHY - JHNRB 150 REEF PAGE 6.
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Moon lights are suposed to promote spawning of coral but I am not sure if it my regular lighting that is doing or my lunar lighting.anyway they look pretty cool at night.Check this site out $17 of a 20 inch string.There basic through