Looking for someone with some experience with making Green water


Reefing newb
So I need to make green water, due to some unexpected seahorse babies I don't have a lot of time to get a culture up and going. I ordered some online along with some rotifers but I am not sure how long it may last so that being said Miracle Grow is a must but I am not entirely sure how much to add. I've read one article that said a bout 1/2 tsp per gallon and I was wondering if anyone with experience could toss their two cents in. I'm going to experiment a bit with a couple of different cultures but figured I'd ask on here to see if anyone does this or has done this before.

Actually just using miracle grow for the first batch. I'll have to look but I know I also have some fertilizer left over from when I had my 55G planted tank, I just bought the stuff in dried form back then.
Hmm I've never heard of using Miracle Grow. I used specially formulated fertilizers that come in gallon bottles -- I bought it on an aquaculture site.