Long time no post: TANK TROUBLE: Yote, I need you.


Reefing newb
I have not posted in a long time because well, my tank was doing quite well for several months and I have been working a lot of hours.

Fast forward to two months ago (or rewind depending on how you look at it). My lovely seahorses were as happy as can be one day and the next the female was seemingly injured and died, the day after that George too parrished. I blamed a batch of water I used for a water change that day. I thought something "must have been in it like copper or something." Anywho.. for months I have lost several snails... some to hermits but then I was losing expensive Mexican turbos left and right... what the he$#. Soooooo my Mandarin (Kermit) who was my first SW fish who I have had over a year and trained to eat frozen mysis disappears last week!!!! Then two days later my Lawnmower blenny Wally disappears!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!!! So, now I am at a loss because they were entirely fat and healthy. The Regal tang and 2 clowns now swim alone. So, I watch and watch and watch (As if I have time to with having two jobs and all).

The answer.....

A flipping Mantis shrimp who is now over an inch long. He must have been a hitchhiker on my rock over a year ago and just finally got big enough to do damage. I now can't get anymore snails or fish until I catch and or kill this nasty little turd. Yote, please come to Florida and hunt him down for me (I saw your thread). He loks just like yours.

For those of you who think they are neat, well, you won't think so after they murder $400 plus of livestock in your tank. (I haven't actually totalled his damage, but it's actually probably more than that..I just don't wanna think about it).

I am mostly ticked about my mandarin dragonet because he would have lived for a long time since he ate frozen mysis. It was expensive (buying copepods) to sustain him until he learned and now since I will have to get another I have to start that process over. Darn it.

Oh, and the turd clowns killed my Flower gonopora trying to house in it and then using it's frame as a scrathing post. They tried to kill my pink encrusted gonopora ($80 coral) so I had no choice but to move my beautiful coral from my display tank to the little 10 gallon in another room to keep it alive :grumble:

I want this shrimp GONE so I can start re "decorating" my tank with new corals and fish. YOOOTTTEEEE!!! :bowdown:

Ok, vent done.... now, learn from this... missing fish and snails= nasty murderer in your tank.:frustrat:
Your gonna LOL after you read this,But what the hell:D
Start actually feeding the mantis in your net.Get him used to it and dont rush it.Those things are a lot smarter than they get credit for.
Once he's used to eatting out of the net.Get your fishing pole out and tie the net to the line (your not fast enough to net him by hand,trust me).Once he's in the net and eating,yank the net with the mantis out in one smooth quick motion.You want to get him the first try.Because if you miss,he wont fall for that method again.
If you can figure out which rock he's calling home.You can pull it out.But you'll have to work a net or something around the rock to keep the mantis from escaping when you bring the rock out of the water.And dont try to move it bare handed.A 1" mantis can turn one thumb into 2.
Good luck and keep me posted.
And what ever you do,dont rush the hunt.Your querry is to smart for that.
On the other topic, I had 2 clowns killing my elegance coral fighting over it. I made the decision to give one of the clowns to a friend, and now the other clown and elegance are happy.
I HATE EFFING MANTIS SHRIMP!!! They should be banished to outer Mongolia and fed bread and water, not saltwater either!!! I bet I've dispatched 200 of those things in my lifetime. Now I see they want $80 for one of the Zebra ones? That'll happen about the same time that purple monkeys fly outta me arse.

OK, here's another way to catch them, small piece of PVC pipe with a small hole drilled in the cap and a piece of string on the other end. Put a piece of bait/food in that side, when he goes in to get it, pull it up out of the tank. Triggers LOVE them after they've been relieved of their armaments. Just be careful of your fingers, they don't call them thumb splitters for nothing.