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I'm sure that you've all noticed how quiet Living Reefs has been over the past year or so, I'm not sure what happened but there's nowhere near as much action as there used to be.

I really, really want to reverse that - but to do that I need your help in finding out what we can do to improve the place and make it somewhere that people want to hang out. I know that a few active members have left the hobby and are doing new things, which I'm sure is part of the reason things have gotten quiet.

What can we do around here to get things a little more active? Is there anything on the site that we're missing, or is there something that if we had it would make you come here and post a little more often?

Please let me know in this thread (or PM me if you want to keep it private). I'd love to hear any and all thoughts on this, so even if this thread isn't something you'd normally reply to, I'd really appreciate your honest thoughts. I'd hate to see LR drift off into nothing.
Thank you both for replying :). I've had some additional useful comments via PM too. Please do keep them coming and then once I've got more thoughts then I'll put together a plan of action :D.

A little change that has already been implemented is an "unanswered threads" button, as someone mentioned that there are quite a few unanswered threads so this should make it easier to find any of them. It's on the 2nd menu bar when you're on the forums.

Please do keep the suggestions coming! :)
I've (obviously) noticed this as well. We have had a lot of our regulars leave for whatever reason (school, out of the hobby, personal reasons, whatever).

I wouldn't change anything about the site or how we operate, but I feel like we just don't get as much "newb" traffic. The majority of this used to be advice and now it seems like it's just people updating their own projects (which is still very exciting, but not the same). I don't really know how we'd fix that, though.
I wouldn't change anything about the site or how we operate, but I feel like we just don't get as much "newb" traffic. The majority of this used to be advice and now it seems like it's just people updating their own projects (which is still very exciting, but not the same). I don't really know how we'd fix that, though.

That's a very interesting point Erin!

What do you think is most likely to draw new members in, would it be articles on the hobby (how to do certain things, setup tutorials, etc...) or forum content (i.e. build threads, etc...)?
i like that idea of articles - ie different fish species or coral. peoples opinion of different products-ie lights are always good. for example i am waiting avidly to see how the gyre works out for lesely as i am thinking about buying one. also looking for opinions on aqua ray 2000 ultima reef white. this is one of my favorite sites. people are always friendly, and i have got a lot of good advice here
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I was on all the time a few years back. I have not dropped out of the hobby but my drive for....well shoot pretty much everything was lacking. Anyway...for me I just moved in with my soon to be wife and just had the "joy" of moving my tank but it has re energized me. I will be around and will see if I have any advice on things to try.
Glad to see you back, Ted!!

@Ian I don't really know what would help with traffic. I've been thinking about it and can't come up with anything. I am super not helpful with this stuff.
I too have been trying to think of some things to help out this site. I was several years in the hobby before I even found this site. All the searches I did to get information turned up the usual sites but apparently never this one. When I did finally find Living Reefs it was teaming with life and new hobbyists joining looking for information.

I wish I had an amazing idea for you @Ian but short of hacking Google so this site pops up first every time I've got nothing;)
i think thats part of the problem. no fresh blood. just the same people yaking away. and if your tank is set up and running and everything is going good then there is no problems. no problem no questions about how to fix stuff.
Hey guys! I know I have been part of the problem by not being on here much, I'll make an effort to come back more often. But one thing to look forward to is the release of Finding Nemo 2. That I imagine will bring a lot of new people to hobby.

My suggestion for keeping things bumping on this site is perhaps a section where people can post articles and talk about new developments in the hobby. It will keep everyone else excited for what is going on and open the site up for more traffic.
Just a few years ago this site did pop up on the first page. Its all a matter about how many people we have posting questions and solutions to problems. One of the big things about this site was also when a newbie came in and asked the questions that most of us take for granted, IE My daughter wants a finding nemo tank and I was going to set up a 20 gallon is that enough, we didnt jump all over them. Unlike Reef$entral we where nice. There should be a real effort to go back to the roots of the site and give advice in a kind manner. Not everyone has a boat load of money to spend and not everyone has the time or patience to do the real research that it takes to run a successful tank. Its just my two cents on the subject.

Another thing that has me thinking about why we are lower in members and traffic is just the flat out costs involved in this hobby. Times are pretty tough for many people. Maybe we can try and push the angle of back to basics and budget set ups. My tank is not the most tech advance system by far but I still have a lot of money in it. The idea of pushing the high end products that some of us run while glamorous is just plain hard on people wallets. Maybe have threads for people on a budget, with advice on where to get things cheap that still will work. Again just brain storming here.
yah, your right there, most of us have the keep up with the jones syndrome. but you can have a real nice tank that is pretty simple. i run mine with a hang on skimmer, 4 powerheads, an aquaclear filter pump and lights. no sump and i have a 265 gal. tmc aquaray is coming out with some really nice lights that are priced much more reasonably then a lot of the supplers. there is some good watermovers that are reasonable. a lot of times you can get a nice tank secondhand for a good price. you just have to look around.