Live Rock Turning Green?!


On of my rocks, the one thats closest to the light, is turning green. i know it has to be algae, but i dont know what kind. its not hair algae, and it doesnt easily come off. it's not thick either. it just looks like it's part of the rock. does this go away by itself? anyone know what this could be?
It could be coraline. Try scrubbing it with a toothbrush. If it comes off, it's not coraline but if it stays then it is. Depending on whether it is coraline or not, it could be a lighting or a nutrient issue. Figure out if it's coraline and we'll go from there.
then it's coraline. I have read a number of misleading things about the differences between the colors but I tend to believe that it has to do with the types of bulbs you are using. My guess would be that you have too much yellow and not enough blue in your spectrum. You could try switching bulbs to get more of the purple stuff.
I just saw your start date in your signature... I thought your tank was more mature. I say just give it time. It will turn from green to purple in time. Just make sure that your calcium levels are good
alright thanks. im new to the scene but the aquarium isnt. i bought it from someone who couldnt take care of it anymore because of his job
Ahh, but the lights are new right? That would explain it. You changed the lights so the purple will die off and you are likely to see some pink, green, and red as it grows back. It will all be purple eventually.