Live rock or dead rock


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I have have heard that it is a good idea to start a tank with dead rock because there is no risk of pests. I have also read in a recommended book (The New Marine Aquarium by Michael S. Paletta) that bringing dead rock introduces contaminants into the tank. I am thinking of starting with dead rock from or any input would be appreciated.:question:
both are good choices I personally like marco better because you can put your order in over the phone with him and tell him what size rock you would like more of, wether it be football size, baseball size so you can better scapr the tank...:D also get a small piece of liverock and drop it in to help seed the tank..
Good dead rock will not introduce contaminants into the tank. I think this happens when people start using just any kind of rock. Good, rock dead or alive, is made of aragonite and comes form mines in Florida or elsewhere,

Live rock may have pests but you may end of with pest anyway as they come in off corals and snails that you put in your tank. Also, LR has a lot of very intersting small life forms on it. I have found all the good hithchikers to be every bit as interesting as the the live stock I payed for. My tank is three years old and I still find all kinds of little creatures in my tank. Just discovered a small blue feather duster the other day.