live rock and high salinity??

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ok i just put my aquarium into service yesterday, wew takes a long time to fill 90 gal, well it was 11:00 last night when i finally had all my live rock in i mixed the salt as recomended per label and it was so late after i got the pumps running i went to bed and forgot to check the salinity ,then this morning when i woke up i remembered i did not check it, when i checked it it was at 1.026 on the high side so i added some water to it this mornig to get the salinity down it is now at 1.021 at 77deg, now the live rock i have i bought from someone that had it a long time and has lots of nice coraline on it would it have been affected by the high salinity over night????:frustrat:
the aalinity is fine at .026 most of us keep our tanks close to that. .021 is on the very low end. but your rock is fine at either of those levels. the coraline may die since it was exposed to air but it will come back
Nope, not at all. 1.026 is not too high at all, that's the salinity of nsw.
ok, thanks im new to saltwater and i was going by the hydrometer instuctions that shows the correct reading is 1.020-1.023 it is a red sea hydrometer , so when it is higher at 1.025 thats ok??? whats the optimal yall use for your tanks ?? why does the hydrometer directions say those readings?? i know yall know what yall talking about im just wondering , thanks for the help guys, the rock did look a little white looking this morning and tank was still a little cloudy i guess thats from the new sand and everything i guess it will clear up in a few days??? whats the optimal temp to keep tank at???how long for the coraline to come back if it dies off?
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Hydrometers don't always give accurate readings, that's why majority of ppl have refractometers. They're accurate. As far as temp, anywhere between 77-82* is ideal.
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1.020-1.023 is generally what FOWLR tanks are kept at. But for reef tanks, 1.024-1.026 is optimal.
The one thing you really need to get the tank to cycle you can't buy and that is....Time Don't rush it Trust me it's tough to start over when you go to fast spend your time reading and planing the rewards will be great. :twocents:
correct, the LR and LS have probably already started your cycle. In a few days you should see your Ammonia starting to go up.
thanks BL, i also noticed my Mega flow drain pipe makes a little gurgle noise do i lower it to quiet it down???
Its funny, when i bought my tank, I knew there was a cycle and that I had to wait, I was never told to look anything up, nor was I told about checking the water myself. boy did that set my knowledge back! your lucky your on here early! Kinda wish I followed my tank cycle to see the changes. lol