Lights for all types of corals


Addicted Reefer
Ok Ive narrowed it down to these two light fixture. Wanting to keep all types of corals and these two seem to be the best for that. Its going on a 48x13x20 55gallon.Just want some other opinions on them. thanks

Odyssea Metal Halide System
these are a total of 608watts. 2-250watt DE HQI metal halide, 2-54watt T5 HO Actinic blue. $239 w/ shipping

Aquarium Lighting for Reef Systems: Current Nova Extreme Pro T-5 Fixtures
Current Nova Extreme Pro T5 Fixture
this one is a total fo 324 watts. 3-54watt 10k daylight 3-54watt 460nm Actinic
$329 with shipping
i have the Current Nova Extreme setup and keep lps and softies without a problem. it will cook corals if i put them to close to the top of the tank.