Lighting suggestions needed.


Reefing newb
Just need your opinion/suggestions.

I currently have a single bulb 15 watt floresant strip light on my new 20 gallon tank.

I am looking to purchase a double bulb strip light, and need your help on which bulbs to purchase.

Im wanting either a white/blue-ish or white/pink-ish tint to the lighting, to enhance colors, but not be too bright...keeping the glow. Im assuming I should get the standard anticic white bulb, but what other bulb would you suggest to achive this look.

Is it possible with the single strip light that I currently have??

Thanks in advance!
When I started in this hobby I had a single strip like you. I found a bulb that gave off a bluish/white color. So I know they exist. I just don't remember the name.

Thanks again for your help!!! Luckily I have access to an awesome aquarium store with helpful employees, Ill let them know what Im looking for and see what single bulb they suggest.
for a fish only you could use a triton bulb. otherwise a 6.5K is white blue, and 10000 is bright blue white. the 5.5 k is softer and not as crisp white as the others. the 20K is on the blue side also with more blue than the others. you do not need to use a dual strip for FO but if you are using live rock go with the 6.5 K.