Light Yellow tang??


I know that I don't know
Yesterday afternoon at my LFS, I was telling them about the sad death of the small YT. This particular light yellow tang has been in the store for quite awhile. I have watched him in with a lion fish and a parrot fish. It didn't seem to phase him. My husband and my son didn't think he was all that cool.

Yesterday, my hubby told them to bag him up to go home. He is quite fat and bigger than my kole. They are getting along well. At first my kole was a little aggressive and he didn't back down so now they swim together. He is much larger than her, but I am trying to figure out if he is some type of hybrid. I have looked everywhere and can't be sure.

The ideas at my house range from a ghost tang, yellow scopas, or just a light yellow tang.

BTW, he has a good appetite and is eating algae sheets as well as pecking around on the rocks.


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Super cool pick up! And glad to hear your Kole is getting along with it!

There have been a handful of stories on ReefBuilders about abberant yellow tangs (zebrasoma flaviscens), hybrid yellow x scopas tangs, and albino scopas or yellow tangs with white coloring. They've given various names to them - piebald, ghost, etc. I'm guessing you've got either a scopas, yellow, or hybrid of the two that is an abberant white. They are gorgeous and desirable! Anyhow, here are a few of the stories of ReefBuilders if you're interested :)

A piebald yellow tang appears, shows no end to the abnormally colored surgeonfish
Ghostly scopas tang shows aberration of both skin and eyes
Another white tang is discovered, this time it’s a Scopas
Video of Casper the white tang shows how startlingly awesome this fish is
Ghost Tang at World Wide Corals is a white-colored yellow tang treasure
I think he'll do fine - the scopas and yellow tangs are pretty similar in terms of their needs and size. Curious to hear what others say about him!
Nice fish! The other little guy probebly didnt make it because he was too small and couldnt handle the stress from the move and kole tang. Glad to hear this one is doing much better :)
I think he is a scopas yellow tang hybrid. I say that because to me his fins have more of a 90 degree angle than a yellow does.

He seems happy in the 90 so I hope it will be enough for him. We made the passages through the rocks larger by adding more rock. He has lots of personality. He prefers seaweed algae sheets tied to a rock versus the clip. I think that may be because he is not comfortable with the top section of the tank.
WinyFrog had a yellow tang that looked like yours. It was just an albino-ish yellow tang. Rare find, and pretty fish, congrats!