LED for sale.


Reefing newb
Hey guys, I have an Innovative Marine Skkye Light 92 Watt LED fixture I am looking to sell. Here is a link to it on marinedepot.com.
Innovative Marine 92 Watt 10000K Skkye Light Tablet LED Light - White
I am looking to get $500 OBO PM me if you are interested.
The light is currently over my 27 gallon cube, it has been only been running for about 3 months total now. I got great coral growth with it in that time period from my hammer coral, as well as my pink birdsnest, monti, and GSPs. Until I had a tank crash.
Due to the crash I am looking at starting fresh with a new tank and need new lights for the new tank!

Again I'm asking $500 OBO. PM me if interested!