Lawnmower Blenny vs. anemone

My new lawnmower blenny has been hanging out with my condy anemone. Will the blenny get stung?

he's hard to see...but here he is hanging out



Thanks again, I won't ask anymore questions for a few days. Promise:)
That is one beautiful anemone.
Its possible that if your anemone gets hungry that your blenny could become an easy meal for it.Feed the anemone every 2 or 3 days and hope the blenny will decide he dont wont become supper.

Post all the questions you want:D Gives us a good excuse to up our post count.:mrgreen:
I would not worry too much about it. if it has already come in contact and lived, then it knows what it is doing. Do you have any aggressive fish in the tank that threaten it by chance?

There is a possibility it will get eaten, but, you really can't stop it. Good luck