Lawnmower Blenny uses a pillow

My lawnmower Blennie curled himself up last night between a wall of the live rock and one of my Ricardia's. The Ricardia had closed up part of itself so that only the smooth underside was showing. My Blennie (named Wally) decided it would make a great pillow and he literally rested his head on it and went to sleep!

Who knew fish could be so cute! I will try to get a picture of it next time if he does it again. :bounce:
I got a picture!!!


I actually had to add algae to the tank to give him more food. As you can see by the rock, he is not starving anytime soon. :mrgreen:
Now thats a cool pic.POTM for sure.
Have you tryed to get the LMB to eat seaweed sheets?I bet he would give you some sugar for some sea veggies.:mrgreen:
Yep, he's spoiled. The algae you see on the rock is actually from a Green Algae sheet I stuck in there and left in to break apart on purpose.

Now he has to clean his plate before I will give him another one. :mrgreen:
hum..... i wonder why my LMB was so mean to my fish im taking him back to the LFS where i got em they being cool and trading me for another smaller one