Lawnmower Blenny Questions


Reefing newb
Hello all!
I have a bunch of new things for my tank as a result of the Christmas season. New Lights (a couple t-5's) new rock, snails crabs and a lawnmower blenny.
Wondering a few things about the blenny. should I leave my lights on a bit longer to ensure extra algae growth? I have noticed that with the new lights, algae grows much quicker, but I am concerned that with the mexican turbo snails (4 of them) I will run short on the favorite food.
Also, I want a sandsifter goby, can I have one in a 33 gal with the blenny?
Okay, one more question...I am afraid to admit it...but I got a condy anemone.What I read says they would be fine in my new light...about 100 watts (again a 33 gallon) and I do plan to get another couple t-5HO in a month or so, and the lfs guy tells me they are very hardy-just feed a peice of shrimp every couple days...but I find he will only eat it every week or so. Does that sound normal?
Hope all had a wonderful christmas season so far...Happy New Year
Four Turbos is a bit much for a 33g.You can supplement both the turbos and blenny with a veggie clip and seaweed.They should sell all of that at any fish store.

You can have a sand sifting goby.They will consume much of fauna that lives in the sand bed.Make sure its healthy and eating mysis already.I've seen to many anorexic looking ones at the LFS that totally ignores food.Don't forget a top,they like to jump.

Thats sounds normal for a condy,well actually anything.They will only eat when they are hungry.
thanks for the advice.
Bifferwine-any advice on the condy? What makes them hard to keep? Any pitfalls I may be able to avoid? I would love to see it make it.
Anemones in general are just really hard to keep, although bubble tips are considered the easiest of the anemones, condies just don't survive in new tanks very often. Anemones need very well established tanks and stable water parameters. They are just extremely sensitive animals and it's often hard to meet their needs with a new tank.
Anemones need a lot of light and perfect water conditions.There not impossible to keep,just challenging.
I've got a bubble tip that I've has since Feb.Its huge and I wish it would split.But no dice so far.
I ended up with an algae blenny, he cleared my entire hair algae problem up in less than a week, now there is none on the rocks. He did a great job, but now hes hungry all the time, he never eats the sheets of algae I click on for the tang, I even tried putting the clip way down by a rock so he felt safer, but still no luck... He seems to love the flakes I feed just for him though, he gobbles that crap up. I got some herbivore frozen stuff that they dont seem to eat as fast or as much even...