Laser pointer fun

I had an anthia that thought the exact same thing! With the same result, they must have drank the kool-aid
all the sand in my tank is now on the top of my tank and my fish swim upside down. I think it's because they are australian.
my turbo snails clean my dishes for me. when they are done i just plop them back in the tank. they especially love my ocean breeze scented dish soap
I used to do it to my clown fish, it would swim so fast i was in disbelief. I just did it to all my fish shortly after reading this thread. My firefish jumped out of the tank and landed on my chair (thank god not the wood floor) and i managed to save it. So im not doing it again lol.
I think my clownfish molted today. There is a clownfish shell on the bottom of my tank and I at first though I had a 3rd clownfish.