Keeping Corals Fixed


Reefing newb
Ok I just got 4-5 new frags this week. I bought some coral glue that is red/grey puddy in a tube (forgot the brand name and I don't have it with me).

But I cannot get that stuff to stick to my corals, no matter how much I try drying off the coral (their full of water obviously). I failed with a zoa pod, and with a torch coral frag even though it had a bone like shell to it.

Anyways, last night I had my tank set up perfectly, and all was right in the world. I wake up this morning and my colt and torch coral had fallen off their rocks into the sand. When I went to put the torch back in its place, I knocked off 2 other frags. I was livid....

But I think the culprit is my red leg hermit crab. The guy picks around on EVERYTHING and climbs over stuff with zero respect. I am going to take him out for a week or two and see if corals stay put better.

Any ideas? People say to just cram your corals down into holes in your live rock but mine honestly don't have many spots where I have been able to do that.
I use superglue gel and the epoxy. Dry the coral and then put some superglue on, the. Stick the epoxy to the superglue and then put some more superglue on the epoxy and then stick it in place. It's never failed for me. So superglue, epoxy, superglue. :)
Alright I picked up some loctite super glue gel. I am pretty sure I got everything locked down nice and tight. One of my mushroom did come unglued last night, but those things just seem to be so damn slippery anyways.

I think I am just going to have to shove the shroom down into a crevice.. anyone have any luck with this method (does the mushroom orientation/positioning matter?)

I'm wondering if you stuck it in sideways into a crevice if it would eventually attach and grow itself outward properly.
Wrap a rubberband around a rock & across the mushroom, but not covering the mouth. Not too tightly, just snug enough to hold it down. We used 2 (one on each side) and it just a couple days it was attached..then we removed the rubberbands. It's been attached for almost 2 mo :)
For my ricordea mushroom, my husband just got I used plastic thread cone mesh. I placed the mushroom on the rubble piece and put a piece of the thread net over it. It is holding it on, but still gets water flow and does the job.

Embroidery Thread Nets - 100 Nets | eBay

I posted a link to it on eBay so you can see what I mean. BTW, I have an embroidery machine if anyone ever wants something personalized.