just started my 35g hex fowlr


Reefing newb
OK...so after a long time researching and questions and back and forth and buying all my necessary equipment, today at around 430pm I got my rodi water in the tank with 20lbs of live sand and about 25lbs of live rock...I know I need more...just smart budgeting... now I'm not sure what to expect from here...I was expecting off the chart numbers when I checked my levels...but I used a very little bit of the water from the live rocks I bought but most was the water from the rodi....my levels are at 0...ammonia and nitrate...I'm going to wait but is this normal, or should I get the shrimp to throw in to see a spike...also when would be the right time to start my refugium...cuz for now its a hob filter....just asking, tank is already nice and clean , no fog just tiny air bubbles on the glass from skimmer filter and powerhead... but live rock have all these small cilia on them....very small though
I started my sump from the beginning of this build. You can add it now or later doesnt really matter. I assume when you say you put ro/di water in the tank that you already have the salt in it. Its normal for the readings to all be 0. You can put the shrimp in it now. Once the ammonia goes up take the shrimp out so your house doesnt get a fishy smell. Add rock as you can afford it. Remember when you add water it will displace water so if you add when you need to do a top off your salt level is going to be increasing. When I have added rock I topped off the tank then removed some water, add rock, then put water back in to the correct level.
Thx Ted...always appreciate ur feedback... about the rodi water...actually no....I mixed it in my tank, but not with the live sand or live rock...I let it settle first...waited till my salinity was .021.... then added live sand/rock
As long as you had the salt level right when you added the live rock its all good. You do know that you are going to have to start sharing pictures.....We are all picture whores here....lol
Been there...I use a photobucket account. That way the pic is bigger when you load it in here. Its free and once you get the hang of it, just looks better.
Definitely a difficult tank to aquascape....but its only the beginning to I know the tank will evolve....gotta get a backdrop too
Have fun with it...this is a hobby and is suppose to be relaxing :D Now you have reached the stage where you will find your hands getting wet all the time. Try to wash your hands good before you do that, also once you get it to a spot you like fight the urge. You will reach a point where the best thing you can do is to keep your hands out of the tank...Its my hardest thing to follow....
Off to a great start! You are doing to want to increase your salinity to 1.025 though and add more rock. You want 1-2 lbs/gal in the end.
I'm definitely going to add more live rock and sand...it won't make me cycle again will it....or throw my levels off?
Adding more rock is a good idea. I dont think adding sand is. 1 to 2 inches is all you need. If you want a deep sand bed it would need to be 6 inches and that just wastes so much display space on a small tank. Also you then need to make sure you never disturb the sand in a deep sand bed. The lower level builds up a toxic gas and if that gets released into the tank your tank will crash. The idea is sound but the practice is another thing in my opinion.
OK well I just added two more big rocks about 10lbs more...I think I have about 20-25lbs of live rock and I added 20lbs more of live sand for a total of 40lbs sand....I'm satisfied with my substrate....I'll be honest....its difficult trying to aquascape this tank....and the more I move things around the more I feel like I'm disturbing things....ughh ... I just want it to be up and running perfect....do u think I should throw a shrimp in?
Yes no time like the present. I totally get that you want it running already. Going slow is soooo frustrating...