Joint Meeting???

I'm all for a joint swap. Either club could have an ok swap, but honestly need both clubs working together to make it a great one.

For those of us in Chattanooga getting the facility, posting bulletins and getting people to the swap, getting a PA system, getting donations from manufacturers etc would be good tasks.

For those in Knox-Vegas help getting items to raffle from retailers and spreading the word maybe even do a fragging demo....( I have a few larger acros which I could donate to chop up if i can stand to leave them in my tank that long)

Just some suggestions. Start throwing out ideas on how we could split the tasks up without making things a communication nightmare.

I would have no problem at all doing the fragging demo. I have done it a couple of times. No big deal at all (if I can tear myself away from the selling that is!).

Got any suggestions on who we should hit up for raffle items? Should we just start to contact whoever we can? I think we should make a list and then get certain people started on certain retailers, so that we don't hit them up more than once, ya know?

Oh and I can frag up my giant leather again, in case anyone wants softies. The thing is that it's pretty dang common by this time, so I don't know if folks will want to see it fragged. Either way, a softy, a zoa colony, and an acro might be good (especially if we could get a decent sized colony of something like dragon eyes).
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sounds pretty good, Most of the people we had at the demo last year didnt really care alot what they were getting, just to see that you can cut things up and them survive attracts people, plus it seems like the common softies are always the hot sellers. we are however wanting to try and focus alot more on getting some rarities this year, that was one of the few complaints from last year. we would like to get some more acros, acans, micros, blastos,, palys.
as for raffle items, last year we made a huge list of vendors and there contact emails. then we designed a flyer and a basic letter descrbing the event and emailed it to all of them. this worked ok but if you looked at how many vendors we contacted and how many donated the percentage was pretty low. so we need to get and idea of how to get some better donations. another club whos last frag swap had some very nice donations gave us some tips. they came up with several ways to offer advertisement on internet sites. they sold the spots to vendors plus got huge donations. that is a big part to the success of the swap is finding a way for the vendors to nock our doors down wanting to particiapte. instead of us begging them. so everyone get your brains working and lets come up with some ideas. maybe we can have alot of inpute at the joint meeting and get alot done. :mrgreen:
on the raffle items...

I was thinking one club could hit up manufacturers (Sea Chem, Ken, PFO, etc...)

and the other club could hit up retailers (Dr. Foster, Reefermadness, Marine Depot, etc)

That way we weren't conflicting with each other and each club could manage how they did their part, but we would need to use a common flyer and formal letter requesting things. I think I still have the ones from last year that could be quickly modified.

no offense brandon but we arnt using the same flyer! :mrgreen: dave is in charge of a flyer. have you got anything going on the flyer yet dave?
Thanks Mel! This swap will be awesome with both our clubs participating!

The other club Bryan was talking about was the Rockford Reefers in Rockford IL. They had an amazing amount of donations. I think they got close to $10,000 worth of donations. I sent a pm to Rob and asked him how they did it. This was his response;

" As far as donations, there were 2 things, the number or requests over 500, and web space. We offered 3 levels of sponsorship. up to $100 on the event page of the club's site, $1-200 a banner on the club's home page for a year, and over $200 we were able to offer them a banner on for 3 months. Uberfrags allows the club's that have a forum on thier site to use the banner space how they want, sell it or get donations for it. So we did. I think that the web advertising was a big part of it. We also shared info on hits the club's site was getting to let them know the exposure we could offer(over 500 a day for a couple weeks there). It came down to a good buisness move for them. Also some of the donors are people I have known for years (like Brett from zeroedge). If there is anything else I can do let me know.Rob "

Here is a list of the donations they got - he never finished updating the list but they kept getting more stuff in.

" The Raffle
Aquarium Arts- 35lbs of premium Fiji Rock shipped overnight
Sea Swirl- A 1/2" sea swirl device
Giesmann- Refluxx light fixture
Hagen- Fluval 304
Hamilton Tech- 4 digital timers, and bulbs
Exotic Aquatics- $125 in gift cards
Champion Lighting- Blueline products=175w MH bulb, moon light and top off unit
DR Instruments- 2 frag tools sets-fine point cutters/10" forceps
Nu-Clear Filters- Filter Modle 533
2 Little Fishies- 3 packs-Phosban, HydroCarb, Poylp&Zoplan and 2 sticks of epoxy
Inland Seas-2 packs-carbon, trace, buff
LiquidLife-8 propacks
Current-36" Orbit fixture
IMAC-1 full admit to all 3 days
Sunlight Supply-150w MH pendent
Oceanic-29gal bio cube
Wave2K-Acclimator 2 of them(check out thier site for more info, very cool item)
Iwaki- a 30 and a 40 pump
Pet Solution-$100 gift cert
Ocean Motion-$100 gift cert
Pacific East(Dr. Mac)- 2-$25 gift cert
Dr Smith & Foster-$25 gift Cert
Air Water Ice-a $25 and a $50 gift certs
Aquahub-3 sets of 2 i-float elec float valves
Calfo- 1 year scrip to his mag, and posters
Fraggle Reef $49 gift Cert
Roe's Marine World-$25 gift cert
Auto-Top Off- elec float switch and solenoid valve
MACNA-dicounted tickets Only $75 at Frag Fest
KTH-4 penductors
Oceans Blend-2part alk and Ca supplement 15 sets
Reefer Madness-$50 gift Cert
Jelliquarium -Book and t shirt
Reeftopia-T-shirt, mug and clean up crew
FAMA-1 year scrip
Reef Science- $60 gift cert
Coral Frenzy-3 jars of food
Dirk-New clam book (sorry I forget the name)
Sea Schor-???
Ocean's Floor-???
Premium Aquatics-???
Rod's Reef-???
Frag Island-???
Sea Chem-???

The Door Prizes
Liquidlife-8 propacks
Red Sea Food-12 jars
San Fansisco Bay-Food and brine hatchery
Omega Sea-Food
Coral Frenzy-3 jars of food
Hagen-water conditioner

$5 gets you in, and 3 raffle tickets-1 for the door prizes, and 2 for what ever you want to try and win in the mega raffle. The raffle will be set up so your tickets only go towards what you want to win. Tickets will be on sale $1 each or 25 for $20. All non-winning tickets will go into a big bucket for a chance to win some nice frag packs. "

This was not some huge swap with thousands in attendance - He said they had approx 250 visitors to the swap. We had that here in chatt last year! Well at least close to that. so there is no reason we can't get some serious donations if we get on it. This swap should really be great with both our clubs participating.

So who is going and who is riding with who??
Hey all- this is sounding exciting. I won't be able to make it up to the meeting in Oak Ridge, but definitely tell me if there is something I can do to help. I am pretty good at designing flyers, t-shirts and that sort of thing. Also- I don't mind cold calling vendors or media to get the word out.

If we have people from out of town, we may also be able to get sponsorship from one or two business in Chatt that like to attract out-of-towners, for example Big River. I don't know if that would seem cheesey, but sponsorship is sponsorship, and they seem to be into that sort of thing.
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those are great ideas man, once we fianlize a location and a date we will need to start running down vendors and sponsors. all the sponsors and vendors want to know specifics so we need to get that all done first. if you get a chance go ahead and be making a list of ideas so when the time comes we can be flooded with ideas for this
Hey just a thought but seeing as we wont be there to use the facility, I may can talk to my commander and see about the swap being located at the armory where they held the last gun show, It should be plenty big enough for the swap.
I know it's already been settled but I just wanted to say,Yea, you guy’s are welcome to come. :bounce: I’ll even bring some extra Killians's Irish Red :beerchug:and some Welch’s grape >|< for the Rev. On a side note, do any of you guy’s have any PPE frags available and I lost my original colony of Orange Vols so if any of you have a frag of them I’d be interested in getting them also.

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Dang Art!! My last polyps just withered away of the VOLS how sad man. They were awesome, just hard to keep alive I think.