JBJ Oceanstream 500gph


Reefing newb
One of the main things I look for in powerhead is size. I have a Hydor 750gph and while it is a decent pump, it does have some drawbacks. For one, it's absolutely huge. It's way bigger than it needs to be and sticks out further off the glass than what I would like.

I decided recently to supplement the flow in my tank and while an MP10 would be my ideal choice, the two leads I had on used ones fell through and I probably shouldn't be spending the money on one anyway.

So I looked around. The one thing I love about the Hydor pumps is the magnetic connectors. It's far safer and better looking than a stupid suction cup...which is such a pain in the ass to work with. The JBJ Oceanstream comes with the magnetic connector.

So far this pump has worked wonderfully. The design makes it so that it doesn't concentrate all its flow into one solid stream but spreads it out. This is nice.

The profile is significantly smaller than I expected, as well, and it's size-power ratio is WELL worth it in my opinion.

Overall I am very pleased with this unit. The only drawback I have observed is the inability to point the powerhead in another direction. It needs to be straight as it screws on to the wet side magnet. This wasn't a problem for me as this powerhead is now in the top right corner of my tank supplementing flow and creating surface agitation, but like the MP10 controlling the direction (like off to the side a little) is not really possible.

I recommend this powerhead to anyone looking for an alternative to the large Hydors or looking for a reasonably price powerhead with magnetic holders. Another plus over the Hydors is that I have not witnessed any electrical problems so far. I turn the pumps off everyday to feed and from the very beginning my Hydor would seize up or run backwards sometimes when power was restored. This is unacceptable to me, personally, and playing with the plug has never worked. Everytime this happens I have to rinse the entire thing after disassembling the impeller. Then it works again for a few more days. It is incredibly inconvenient.

After a week with the Oceanstream I have not seen this at all or had any other problems. It just works.

This is what I bought:
Aquarium Water Pumps & Wavemakers: JBJ OceanStream Aquarium Circulation Pump