iTech 200 Cone Skimmer


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I have an I-Tech 200 cone skimmer for sale. It has the Tunze Hydrofoamer pump. Asking $300 + shipping. Original cost was over $550.
Pretty quiet and skims great. Got a much bigger tank so had to upgrade. This ran on my 130 cube with 30g sump.


Cone Base: 8”
Cone Neck: 3 ½”
Overall Height: 23 ½" (Needs an extra ½” clearance for cup removal.)
Pump: Tunze 9420.04 Hydrofoamer
Recommended water level: 7 ½" (A stable water level will increase performance and decrease adjustments.)
Airdraw: ~800 lph (28 SCFH) @ 23 watts in 7 ½".
Tank Size: Was skimming 150 gallons and should be able to handle 200 gallons no problem.

Total foot print is about 13" x 11". Probably closer to 12 x 9.5 but i like to have some wiggle room.

Cleaned up and ready to go. Shipping via UPS ground and payed for by the buyer. It's gonna be a big box and packed well. Ships from Houston and only domestic. No international sales. Payment via PayPal.


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Is this still available, happened to pick up that you had it for sale on the net. Would be interested in a shipping quote to 64870.