Is she okay?


Reefing newb
Hi guys
On Saturday (3/1) I bought a female banggai cardinal. It is small. I already have one male banggai cardinal in my tank and it look like it was picking on my female on the begging. Now she only stay in a corner of a tank on top of it , where the flow it's pretty slow. Have not been eating since Saturday when I purchase her. Is it gonna die?
obviously thats the males territory and now theres a new fish in it.being a female they could pair up eventually but my concern is her not eating.but i have had this with other fish and they paired up eventually
Is it possible it died because of the bigger male chasing her around? She was fine the first day. And second day is when she started to hide. I really would like to get another female. Maybe I should get one that is the same size as the male.