If you did not get it - Call us for the Freebie


As some of you may have seen, Reefs2go.com 10% off promo was to end on Thursday, May 10th at 11:59:59pm EST.

However one of our web developers wrote a code that disabled the discount from the cart - and so all orders from approx 2pm until midnight last night did not get the advertised discount of 10%.

If you were one of those customers affected by this error,
Please call us to discuss. Dionne, Megan, Nikki and Christina
The Fish Chicks - 727 623 0914​

We need to refund your method of payment for the 10% discount and also provide you with a complimentary Freebie for the headache!!

If you wanted to place your order but elected not to because of the issue - please accept this offer.

We have extended this offer through May 12 11:59:59pm EST and we will include a Freebie for you as well!! The Freebie is a 500 count bag of pods!! A 15.00 value!

Mothers of Reefers, Mothers who are Reefers and Mothers who love a Reefer...
Happy Mothers Day. May Your day be truly blessed.​