Get your Freebies!! Snail Sale ends today - Blue Leg Special - Times a wasting!
TGIF!!! But - for those in delay mode - delay no longer!!

Our specials are coming to a rapid finale!!

Look at what ends today!

Snail Sale and 100 Blue Leg Hermits for $20.00 (Saltwater Crabs)

So pool your orders and wrap it up!!

You can call us if you have questions or need order help - 727 623 0914

Say Hi to Dionne and Megan - working in the office at on this fine Friday!!

So in Review:​

All Saltwater Snails on Sale - Our best Snail Sale!!!


Turbo Snails - $.50 each - Joe commented - " is a really great place to buy saltwater fish and invertebrates. It all has great prices and is well packaged and gets to your house in a very timely manner. Can't wait to order again :)"

Astrea Snails $.50 each- E Young of Florida said this - "I ordered a bunch of these astrea snails during the snail sale. All arrived alive and well. I put them in my tank and they seem to be doing just fine taking care of the algae on the tank walls. Another great purchase from Reefs2Go and fast service."

Bumble Bee Snails- 10 for $15 - Lance commented- "These Bumble Bee Snails are great snails. When these came I was so surprised at how good they looked all were alive and healthy. i had to order more for my other tanks..."

Nassarius Snails - 100 for $25 - Billy said -"These Nassarius Vibex Snails are great for eating left over food and turning the sandbed"

Margarita Snails - 10 for $5 - Ryan from Gainesville- Home of the Florida Gators... Go Gators!!... stated - Beautiful black margarita snails that are constantly moving and eating tons of algae. 3 of 4 were huge, twice the size of a turbo