Get it started with Brown Wednesday & Some Great Deals!!
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It's that time of year and is getting it started TODAY with Brown Wednesday!!

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2 Mexican Turbos for ONLY $3

2 Zebra Snails for ONLY $3

2 Trochus Snails for ONLY $3

Turbos, Margaritas, Astreas, Nerites, XLG Ceriths are 10 for ONLY $5.00

Ben commented - " is a really great place to buy saltwater invertebrates and fish. It all has great prices and is well packaged and gets to your house in a very timely manner. Can't wait to order again :)"

Jared said this - "15 Astrea snails from are happily eating algae off the glass as I type this. Great price and healthy critters!"

Chris stated - "Margarita Snails did the job! It seems their favourite foods are the red algae everyone hates. Also do a good job of removing algae from the tank walls. I ordered 1 for every 3 gallons of tank water."

10 Bumble Bee Snails for Only $15

Sam reported- "These little Bumble Bee Snails are beautiful to look at and fun to watch! Great price, and quick delivery! All 10 arrived healthy. Will be buying more for another tank!"

100 Cerith Snails - Only $24.99

100 Nassarius Vibex Snails - Only $24.99

Matt said - "I have 20 of these Nassarius Snails in a 30 gallon with a crushed coral base. They do an awesome job at keeping the bottom of my tank bright. Great to watch them come out when they smell food.
Then 20 minutes later over half of them are gone again.