If you buy a tank from someone, how do you get it home?

I hope this isn't a dumb question. I found another tank on craigslist and it sounds like an awesome deal. It is a 55 gallon already set up saltwater. She has these fish (1) Yellow Tang, (1) Spotted Hawk Fish, (2) Blue Damsels, (2) Green Gobies. Also includes some live rock, not sure how much. She only wants $200 for it.

Now my question is, how the heck do I transport it home? Do I dump her water into trash cans and then put the fish...where? I'm sorry, but I am clueless. TIA!

Also should I set her tank up in my house as is and run it for a while to see how it does. I don't want to go dumping my fish and rocks in there and kill everything.
first off thats six fish, and the fish dont really matter because you can always just give them to the LFS for store credit and get fish you want instead of taking the ones she liked. and if you get big thrash cans and then line it with a garbage bag you can fill it with the water and rock and sand. once you get it home just put everything back in there how you like it
Just fill a couple of coolers with her water.Place fish in one and rock in the other.Leave the sand in the tank.Just leave enough water to keep it wet.
Put the rest of the water in 30 gallon trash cans.
Then when you get the tank set back up,add the water from the trash can,then add the rock,then finish filling it up with new water.Then your ready to add the fish you want to keep back in.
Also you should probably get larger trash bags then the cans you have. For examble -- If you have a 30g trash can get a 30+g trash bag for it and put the water in the bag and tie it up. This will greatly reduce all the sloshing!!

Everyone else is right on the money, leave the sand in, drain water to the sand, move it, As for the rock you can place it in with the water, but it's already going to be heavy so I wouldnt reccommend it. Get the glad forceflex trashbags (cause they are so hard to rip) and place the rock in there.... Keep the rock damp with cloth towells (paper towells rip to easy and newspaper ink I wouldnt trust)

You didnt say if you had a large enouph car/truck to move it so I would just either borrow a friends, but if you cant try yiour local lowes /hardware supply store. I rented a truck from mine for $20 where uhaul and other places were much more expensive.
I just talked to her and I have more info. She has had the tank for 5 years and just moved and she doesn't have room for it. She has 2 emperor filters on it. She wasn't sure of the kind of lights, but they are probably just some cheapos since she doesn't have any corals. She said she has 3 "really big" pieces of live rock. I do not believe she has a skimmer, but mine is for rated for up to 100 gallons so I should be good on that.

I have the following fish that I really want to keep: 2 ocellaris clowns, a cardinal fish and a bicolor pseudochromis. She has the following: (1) Yellow Tang, (1) Spotted Hawk Fish, (2) Blue Damsels, (2) Green Gobies.

What should I keep? I know I am not keeping the damsels. Isn't the tank too small for the tang?

We are going on Sunday to look at it and probably get it. I can't wait! I know it is still tiny compared to some of the big daddies here, but I am on my way up!!

What light fixture do you all recommend? I want to be able to keep any and all kinds of corals!

Thanks guys!

ETA: my husband does have a truck!
Hmmm sounds kinda old... Personally I would never run a tank with HOB filters, but some people do it and it works ok for them. That being said it sounds like a good opportunity to get everything set up the way you want it to be set up. Either use her filters or get it drilled, either for an overflow or closed loop. (My next tank will be a closed loop system, I just like them)

The yellow tang would be the best choice for a 55 because I think they stay the smallest. (Someone correct me if im wrong) 55 is pushing it though, but its probably used to it? I would definitely get rid of the damsels and the hawkfish. I have never had a hawkfish, but I have heard they an fit crazy large shrimp in their mouths. As for the green gobies... How could you not want them?! Gobies are one of my favs just cause of their face :p

As for her rocks, I would recommend the fizz test to see if they are what you want. Drop some of the rock shaving in (I think vinegar??? Someone else will clarify) and if it fizzes its what you want.

For lighting, what are the tanks dimensions?
Get rid of all the fish. I am almost ready to get rid of my fish and have a "coral only" tank.

I'd DEFINITELY get rid of the yellow tang. Tangs need a lot of swimming room and a 55g tank is nowhere NEAR enough IMO. I had 3 yellow tangs in a 135g tank once, but that tank was 7 feet long. Almost TWICE the length of your 55g.

I'd get rid of the damsels too. Got a friend with a lionfish or a large eel? That would be more interesting then the $1 or $2 credit you'll get at the LFS. Call me cruel if ya want -- I hate damsels. :mrgreen:

The rest are up to you. I personally don't like ANY of those fish. Maybe the bicolor chromis, but thats about it.

You need help. Take at least 1 friend with you. 2 or 3 friends would be better. You need a pickup truck too.

Good luck.
I'm right there with ya on the coral only tank Rc.Fish are WAY over rated.

The tang,damsels,and hawkfish,would go.Maybe keep the goby.
Ok, I have the dimensions. It is 48 inches long and 12 inches deep. So give me your light recs please!

My husband will be going with me to get it. We might also take my brother for more muscle. Thanks!

BTW are tangs reef safe?
Yes,tangs are reef safe.

A good T5-HO fixture with individual reflectors will allow you to be unlimited when it comes to coral and clam choices.Look for at least six rolls of T5 w/ IR like the Nova Pro's.

Sunlight Supply Tek,Aquactinics and ATI also make T5 fixtures but they generally cost more.
you can keep the yellow tang but if you want to keep a tang longer I would get rid of it and get a Kole tang because they are the one's that grow slow of all the tangs. I would also suggest bringing one or two more friends with you if you decide to leave the sand in the tank. trust me it is going to be very heavy. it is going to weigh more than 500 lbs (have you tried picking up a handfull of wet sand in the beach and then picked up a dry one?) imagine that a hundred more weight.
Oh and one thing to definitely not forget it bring some towels!!!!!! Or a crappy comforter to lay the tank on. May seem like common sense, but I forgot it. :p