if not for bad luck would have no luck


Reefing newb
After getting my new coral I started to feel like crap. After about a week went to the hospital and found out my gailblater had to come out, after being in the hospital for 3 days came home and every thing in my tank was doing fine. Three days later I am back in the hospital with a infection which they never found in two weeks.
Well i am home now have not feed my tank did water changes or anything to it in a month, all fish are alive and happy and a little bigger, but i can see little pieces of my BTA on the bottom of my tank, and i found the poor guy in stuck in the slits of my 2500 gph pump i have in the DT. I could not figure out why moved his way to it till my Wife told me while i was gone we have lost power about 6 times and for ten hours one day, and the tank temp dropped down to 68.
Now the BTA is at lfs seeing if he will heal cause his foot was chewed up good.
The good is have a ATO from my ro/di unit so SG did not change.
Now i am going to setup a auto water change system that takes out and puts in a gal of water a day, Also going to use a ups system for heater and pump so dont have to worry about this again.
Sorry to hear all your medical woes, but glad to hear that for the most part, everyone did well. d2mini has an auto water change system setup...he can give you tips. His water gets changed out gradually nonstop.

I love my ATO. I still check it everyday to make sure it's working, but it's nice to not think about topping off the tank if I skip a day of not checking it.

Hope you're doing better now!
Sorry to hear about your tank troubles Dartmyth but it sounds like you are on the mend and that's a good thing, right? :D Hang in there, do your water changes...it'll get better!
I did a 20% change yesterday, and going to do another one in a couple of days after i build a housing for my pump to go in so nothing gets stuck in it again.
my clowns are lost with out the BTA
I'm sorry to hear you've been sick, but I'm glad you're getting better! It sucks that your tank went downhill, but really, it's more important that you got the care that you needed!