Resident Photoshopper
These Pics are from a friends tank on a KY reefers site i go to

He said if you guys could Identify it he would start to visit here ! lol


The Dot on the center of the rock.


He couldnt get any better Pics these are the best he could do
" This thing is flat and wont come off the rock. It has gotten a little bit bigger in the past few months. It does not have much color and there is only one. It was on the live rock when we got it. Thats all I know about it."

Im at a loss...
Tell him he can only start coming here if he improves his photography skills :). I have no idea, I can't really see it in those pics... Is it hard or soft? Maybe a baby mushroom? I have a ricordia that looks white like that... No clue though.
hmpf. Tell him that if his friendship comes with strings attached that he does not deserve to hang out with Biff and the rest of us. :bounce:

BTW that thing looks like a Zoa - that's my vote. I have a couple similar in my tank. They have not done much but gotten bigger. I am waiting to see if they multiply.

-Dr Marco :sfish:
hard to tell with the tiny pic. Looks like it has a rim around the edge, hell, what do I know, it could be a barnicle for all I know. :bounce:

-Dr Marco :sfish:
Ya LionFish, tell your "friend" that until he gets a better picture of that thing, we will be unable to dole out our "expert" advice!! ;)