I. Hate. Worms.


I just kicked my powerheads into feeding mode to feed my tank. Seconds after the current died down, I noticed something I had noticed a couple times before, but this time something was different...

There was what I can only explain as "smoke" puffing out of a hole of a large piece of liverock. Something I've seen snails do as well... sperm (I'm guessing).

What was different about this, was the critter I saw when I leaned in to get a closer look. The head of this thing was probably 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide. I could only see the tip of it, but it was dark dark brown, and I could see 2 tentacles on either side. It looked a hell of a lot like the pictures I've seen of the GIant Reef Worms (Eunicid worm). GAAAHHHHH!!!!!

I may never stick my hands in this tank again. I'm tempted to completely remove the rock I saw it in, but I have 3 different kinds of SPS attached to it, not to mention a couple different kinds of zoa's.

I've been paranoid that there was one in my tank, because I've seen bits of light brown poo that looked just like a picture someone posted of this worm's feces. I wish I could find the photo again...

I'm 100% creeped out and a sliver of a decision away from pulling that rock out and busting it up to make sure I got this thing out.

Now... before I completely jump to conclusions... does anyone know if the Eunicid worm blows out puffs of (I'm calling it) "smoke" like that? I do have Stomatella varia snails in my tank... and there's a small chance I'm mistaking the two. I didn't have a great angle on what I was seeing.

Is it worth it to yank that rock and possibly kill three small SPS?

Also: If I dipped this entire rock in a bucket of RO water to kill and get this worm out (if that's what it is), would that be certain death for the corals?
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Also also... would an Arrow Crab eventually eat a eunicid worm??

...AND... are these friggin things a-sexual!?!?! Please tell me I don't have more than one in my tank...

It's just a LITTLE worm.:toothy12:

Of course some can grow to 2 meters or bigger.
Eunicid Worm
Some will feed on some types of corals ( Bobbit worms )

Nothing to worry about :chicken: :nanananan
Well, I turned on my reds and camped in front of the tank. I'm glad to say that I saw the critter in question slowly come out of the hole after about an hour. It was a Stomatella snail thankfully.

I'm still a bit creeped out and leery... And wondering what the fairly decent sizes poo is that I see on the substrate.