I am new to reef tanks any info will help


Reefing newb
Hi I have a 80 gallon saltwater reef tank. I just purchased a sebea anenomi and two clown fish, my problem is when I purchased them they were all in the same tank now the clowns will not host the anenomi and I am afraid that it is not getting enough food. If changes every day it shrinks and never looks the same, what are the signs that it is not being fed enough.
It will shrink up if not getting enough food. Your clowns will eventually rehost the anemonie just give it some time. as long as your anemonie is staying in one place and is opening up when lights are on, you need to give um some time to adjust. Make sure that nothing in the tank is nipping at the anemonie and hopefully all will work out. Keep us posted. If you are really interested in keeping clowns and anemonie I would recommend the following book for your library: Clownfishes by Joyce D. Wilkerson ISBN 1-890087-04-1 and Anemone Fishes (and their host sea anemones) by Daphne Fautin/Gerald Allen ISBN 0-7309-8365-X. Hope this helps.
Thank you so much, I was freaking out about this. I do not want them to die, do you have sunshine coral? I was just wondering how much experience you need for it. I want some color in my tank. Thank you again for replying to my question. Colleen
Sounds like it is stress related possibly from the move my experience with anemonies has shown me that after a few days could take up too two weeks they will adapt and open back up it may help if at night when the lights are off to try and spotlight the anemonie Ive seen that work as far as getting the clowns to rehost. Also most anemonies tenticles tend to swell at the tips when they have a lack of food. Feeding is not a everyday thing for them I used to feed mine every third day. I hope some of this helps you as it has me in the past.