I am new here, but I have some questions.


Reefing newb
Hey! I have both a 10 gallon and a 14 gallon aquarium and I am not sure which one to use. Although, as of now I am going with the 14 gallon. My question is what fish or fish could I put in my tank. I do not want to spend much on lighting, but the guy at the LFS told me I could get a coral life 50-50 light and have some soft corals. I don't want to have any hard corals or SPS corals so I figure this would be good.

Hi TT and welcome to the site. That lighting should be okay. You could have some mushrooms and zoas. A 14 gallon will only be enough room for a couple very small fish.
Ok thanks. That is what I was thinking too. :D I might try to get a bigger tank if I can, but I do not know. Thanks again! :sfish:
I would at least try to get a 30 gal, I have a thirty (moving up to a 45) but it was a perfect size starter tank. The nano's are the only small tanks that are really made for saltwater. Water parameters can change frequently in a smaller tank.
Thanks everyone. Yeah, I was either thinking about like a couple of clown fish. Do you think I could do one sea horse or even two? Also, I really like the choclate chip starfish and was wondering if that and like a couple of clown fish could all work together.
Welcome to the site.
You could keep a couple of seahorses in either of those tanks.But I wouldnt attempt a chocolate chip with the horses and corals will be outta the question with one.
Yea, about $1/gal sounds about right. Sometimes there are some 10g, 30g or 55g for free on craigslist in my local area as well. I got a 10g and a 40g for $20 last month.
Go to a good LFS and look in to it a little, you shouldn't have to pay more than a $100 for the tank and the stand (bare bones). Craig's List is an awesome way to go, make sure you inspect the tank before you buy (no leaks, cracks or scratches) and a lot of people include equipment and live rock with the tank. But be prepared to spend money on other things like lights, live rock and sand, a skimmer, powerheads..Etc. Ask before spending money on something you may regret later like a HOB filter or crushed coral, or undergravel filters (mistakes I made). Welcome, and good luck we are here to help. :)
1 thing to keep in mind prior to buying a bigger tank is total cost
i have found that the tank is the cheapest part of the system
so add up everything you will need

i almost bought a 365 gallon on ebay for $400
awesome deal
but then add up pumps, lighting, rock, skimmer, stand
needless to say i backed off because the total cost was too much
no sense in having a big tank thats empty, not moving enough water, and under filtered

just a thought
yeah i started setting up my 120 then i saw that rock was going to cost a fortune! but still going with it oh and i got a 30gal on craigslist that i built a fuge out of and got it for $10 complete with sand, filter, light, and some rock so just look on craigslist before buying anything new!