I am back and getting bigger


Reefing newb
Hello everyone, I am back. Have not been on Living reefs in a while. Since I have last posted I have gone bigger (tank that is). I went from a 75 gallon tank to a 210 gallon tank. I love it. Looking to buy some more sps coral. As I said earlier it is a 210 gallon reef ready tank. Black stand. Twin overflows with a Berlin style 40 gallon breeder tank converted into a sump (my first DIY project). Currently have about 320 -350 lbs live rock and a shallow sand bed. I have a school (7) of green cromis, a maroon clown that I am thinking of giving away, a flame angel, a 5 inch blue hippo tang and a 8 inch unicorn tang. Here are some pics:

wide shot of tank

Unicorn and hippo tang getting use to their bigger tank. I bought them from a guy who had them in a 75 gallon tank.

Looking to
thats a good looking tank. is that your final scape or do you plan on playing with it in the future as you add more coral? and how about a closer pic of that orange cap in the back
That looks great! You did those tangs a big favor by giving them a new home. I look forward to seeing how your tank "grows up".
Nice tank! I love that unicorn tang, too.
Is the maroon clown breaking your balls? Mine's a real bugger too. :)
Looks like you're off to a great start, I just hope you have a stupendous job to pay for all those SPS corals you'll have to buy to fill up all that space!
How long have you had that orange cap? How's it growing for you?
Welcome back Mike, does your hard-scape have as much of an angle as it looks in the photo? if it does it will be an awesome scape for SPS IMO.
Great looking tank mike.:bowdown: I cant wait untill I get to upgrade. But that wont be till next year at the eairliest:Cheers: