Hydor Smart Level


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Anyone use one.

I already have the Hydor Smartwave and love it especially for the price and how much you can hook up.

I own all Hydor pumps and now the Hydor Smart Level seems to be pretty good and again for a super low price considering similar items are over $200.

I did email them to ask why the heck the wire coming off the unti does not exit the water going up and instead comes out of the back and uses holders to keep the unit from turning. They actually said that was a good question and are getting with the R&D to find out why.

I was like I can't even put it in the back corner of my sump because I need room for the wire to curve up. Stupid designer probably doesn't own a tank haha.

Anyway I am going to be getting one just seeing if anyone has one or has seen it. Finally I can ditch my float valve ones on my Auto-Top off.

I will however find a use for that system somewhere in my tank operations most likely away from any critters and salt water. I feel it will be better served there. I may figure out a way to use it when I am filing my Brute can so I don't have to drill a hole for a float valve.

Never had too many issues with it but I would feel better with this new one. It seems nice and uses temp sensors to know when it is low or too high and cuts the pump. Suppose if it starts siphoning there is no way to stop it unless you had a solenoid in line but who even has that?